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 2 August

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PostSubject: 2 August   Wed 03 Aug 2016, 11:54 am

We went over the translations about Alexander and Diogenes, and the Trojan boat race. A few notes were:
irregular comparative/superlatives such as clarior and celer
the translation of brevity as: within a short space/time

There was also a question of translation of: via longior facta erat : the way was made longer - notice the use of passive to make the English more readable

Next meeting is Wednesday 10 August at 2pm we will go over the uses of the dative case, looking mainly at Wilding Chapter 7. For next translation we will do 14 and 15.

The plan is to complete our revision by giving attention to:
cases (genitive is next)
future and pluperfect verb tenses

before moving on to revise the deponent and passive verbs, participles, and trying the Wilding translations in vol 2.
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2 August
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