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 7 June

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PostSubject: 7 June   Sun 12 Jun 2016, 11:40 pm

We had an intense session today revising chapters 30 and 31, covering the formation of the perfect base and irregular verb forms, as well as the locative, accusative and ablative uses for domus, and e or ex with ablative and a number.

We all found the translations challenging.  Some of the issues that we faced, including questions for research:
-is post used with ablative for expression of time rather than post for position?
-is there a difference between the usage of ac, et and atque?

questions pertaining to Wilding ex 151:
-do you need to use cum with the ablative (of accompaniment?)
-when do you use ablative of locative (audax in periculo) (Etruscos ponte impediavit)?

Our next meeting will be Tuesday 14 June at 10am when we will look at texts 10 and 11 from Latin Stories.

For our next grammar session we will prepare chapter 32 and exercises 160 and 163.
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7 June
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